• rethinking refugees.

  • rethinking refugees.

  • rethinking refugees.

  • rethinking refugees.

  • rethinking refugees.

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  • Who Are We?

    Camphire is an inernational non-profit organization that belives in the potential of the 34 million people in refuggee camps worldwide.Through providing education and skilled training in enterpreneureship and small business development, we work with refugees to remove barriers to education and employement and empower them to create sustainable change in their communities, and economical security for themeselves and their families.

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    Burning questions?Check out What others want to know about us.Still curious?Shoot us an email. We'd love to fill you in!

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    Gather around Camphire! We rely on like-minded folks like you to create change and make difference in the lives of refugees.Whether by volunteering with us, donating,fundraising,or even just liking our Facebook page and following us on twitter, you can help spread awerness about camphire.

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  • Angelina Jolie

    It is popularly known that Angelina Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, adopted a young girl from Ethiopia in 2005. While Zahara may be a part of the Jolie-Pitt family, her mother has become a part of the broader community in Ethiopia. She stands for the rights of women, people affected by HIV/AIDS, and refugees.

  • True Stories: How a Rose Changed My Life

    Refugees It’s a word. It’s a grouping. It’s millions of people. It’s all over the world. But too often, we forget. They’re a person.For many people across the world, refugee is a familiar term. They picture war-torn families, people fleeing religious persecution, and children shivering in tents.

  • Blank Canvas

    It is not often that people are given the chance to have a blank canvas, to start something completely new and make what they want from it. Refugees are given a blank canvas when they resettle, but the process of resettlement for a population can take decades. On average, a refugee spends 17 years living in a camp.

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